RDF Exports To 2020 And Beyond

RDF - 2020 And Beyond


Refuse-Derived Fuel (“RDF”) exports from England have risen dramatically from a standing start in 2010, driven by improvements in waste processing and an evident hunger for feedstock from Energy From Waste (“EfW”) facilities in the Netherlands, Germany etc.  The lack of appetite within the UK for this material meant that the choice rested between UK landfill and RDF exports.  Commercially, RDF exports proved to be the more attractive option, alongside the guidance of the Waste Hierarchy which considered landfill to be the least-useful option and obliged waste producers to move up the ladder as much as possible towards recycling / reuse options.

Thus the RDF export market was created and the tonnages began to move overseas, baled and wrapped, to feed voracious incinerators in Europe and Scandinavia.  Year-on-year since 2010, this export market has grown at an impressive rate.  But is this growth set to continue?  Will the market falter?  Indeed, will there still be an RDF export market beyond 2020?

RDF:Insight presents a view on the market in a short report which can be downloaded for free here.

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