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Link2Energy are releasing a series of reports presenting unprecedented detail in terms of the supply chain from English notifiers to overseas consignees.  For the country in question, each report provides:

- Market Context information (giving some general context)
- Notifier Growth Analysis (export figures for each notifier sending RDF to the designated country)
- Consignee Growth Analysis (import figures for each consignee in the designated country receiving RDF from England)
- Notifier to Consignee Flow Diagram (a detailed Sankey presentation of the supply chain flows – who is sending RDF to who?)
- Supply Chain by Notifier (data for the notifiers, showing their outlets in the designated country)
- Supply Chain by Consignee (data for the consignees, showing their feeder companies)
- Exit-Entry Port Flow Diagram (Sankey diagram showing flows from English ports to recipient port in the designated country)
- Exit-Entry Port Flow Data (tabular data of the port flow information)
- EfW Facility Locations & Capacity Map (bubble-map presenting geographical location and overall capacity of EfW facilities in designated country)
- RDF Export Destination Map (bubble-map presenting recipient information in terms of English RDF)

These reports are available for the main destination countries of English RDF.  A summary of the format of the reports can be found here

For more information, please contact andrew@link2energy.co.uk





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