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“Innovation Is The Route By Which Waste Becomes A Resource”

Waste costs still represent a significant barnacle on the balance sheet of most companies.  Disposal to landfill is prohibitively expensive, but many recycling routes are not much cheaper.  In an age where technologies are changing rapidly and new methods are emerging in the marketplace such as gasification or pyrolysis, it is entirely sensible for companies to keep waste options under review.

  • Is there a better technology out there?
  • Is there a new facility in the vicinity?
  • Does my existing route meet my company’s environmental aspirations?
  • Do I actually know where my company’s waste is going at the moment?
  • Can I save money on my waste recycling?

Re:Sourcing UK is a service innovation from Link2Energy Ltd.

Through a rolling programme of interactive workshops and a monthly bulletin of resources, Re:Sourcing UK aims to work with participating companies and specialist recyclers to help keep valuable resources in the circular economy.

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