“Innovation Is The Route By Which Waste Becomes A Resource”

Plastics are common to all sectors of industry – the sheer versatility of this material also leads to a number of headaches for companies with plastic waste.  Plastics may be in the form of buckets, drums, trays, crates, IBCs, dolavs, bulk sacks, pallet wrap, clear bags, offcuts, purgings, cable, etc.  These may be made of polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, nylon etc.  Then we get to the issue of contamination.  If bags with paper labels on are seen as contaminated, where does that leave the food-covered shredded material that emerges from a depackaging line at an Anaerobic Digestion plant?

There is additional complexity at the recycling side.  Many recyclers will only focus on certain polymers and reject others.  For instance, there are specific uPVC recyclers.  If you were to ask them what to do with HDPE inky buckets, they may not be able to offer any advice.  Some sites have plastic wash capability, others do not.  All the while, your waste company are advising you to put everything into the one skip.

With such a range of options and complexity in the market, what do you do?

Re:Sourcing UK are familiar with a wide range of plastic recyclers across the UK – those who make use of materials in-house, those who export, those who burn, those who have clever separation technologies, those who can clean etc.  We are also watching emerging or novel technologies such as plastics-to-diesel and gasification.

So, if you are being advised that your plastics are not recyclable, then give us a call.

A good example of our work can be found in the following Case Studies:

Case Study – Mixed Polymers
Case Study – AD Depackaging Plastics



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