Five Key RDF Market Facts – September 2015

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  • 2015 has seen 4 new UK exporters and 18 new overseas importers added to the data. New 2015 importers account for only 2% of volumes transferred, but from small seeks, large trees can grow …
  • Although the overall export total fell 1% between August and September, the Netherlands powerhouse has increased imports for 3 consecutive months, led by AEB and AVR.
  • Seneca, Mid UK, AWM and Grundon all show consistent growth characteristics, with YTD % growth in excess of the market average of 14%
  • AVR has maintained the top spot for imports of UK RDF every single month of 2015, with HVC and AEB jostling for 2nd place.
  • Quercia, part of Neales Waste Management in Lancashire, has seen exports jump from less than 500 tonnes per month throughput 2015 to over 3,500 tonnes in September alone.

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