Case Studies

Muck and Manganese – Closing The Loop On Industrial Residues
A summary of the process and outcome of a project to assess Critical Raw Materials in industrial byproducts

Food Waste Mapping
Helping in the drive to recycle industrial food waste through strategic insight provision

Biomass Wood Dust Recycling
Finding outlets for 10,000 tonnes of fine wood flour residue

The Stuffing Plant – Expanded Polystyrene
Innovative company in Doncaster providing an excellent reuse option for clean EPS

Critical Elements in Industrial Wastes
Proving the presence of ‘critical elements’ being landfilled in bulk industrial wastes and exploring possible extraction technologies

Poultry Litter Biorefinery
The development of a technical solution to a poultry litter handling issue

Pea Pod Biorefinery
Exploring the commercial potential of a biorefinery to extracting high-value chemicals from pea pods

Mixed Polymer Innovation Project
Outcome of a project seeking outlets for a mixed polymer shred by-product

Contaminated Depackaging Plastics
Summary of a project exploring the options for post-depackaging plastics from an AD facility

Compost Oversize Material
Summary of a project exploring options and opportunities for compost oversize material

Animal Dreams Case Study – Pet Bedding Materials
Animal Dreams taking wood, paper, sawdust and straw waste to create a range of pet and livestock bedding materials

ClarkeSon Recycling Case Study – Biodegradables
ClarkeSon Recycling turning degradable material into high-grade PAS100 compost

Jacksons Workwear Case Study – Corporate Workwear
Workwear laundry company finds an outlet for end-of-life polycotton boilersuits through Re:Sourcing UK

UK Environmental Case Study – Inerts & Filtercakes
UK Environmental have sourced quantities of filtercakes, sludges and other materials throough the Re:Sourcing UK service

S2S Lifecycle Case Study – WEEE Recycling
S2S have provided a quality recovery and recycling service for end-of-life computers and other electronics to Re:Sourcing UK companies

Resons Solutions Case Study – Inerts & Fines
Resons Solutions offer innovative services for the transformation of problematic materials such as trommel fines into a useful resource

Recycle8 Case Study – Bulk Bags
Bulk bags are a common problem for companies in all sectors.  Recycle8 are keen to recover and recycle.

James Dawson Case Study – Melinex Film
Through Re:Sourcing UK, James Dawson in Lincoln were able to find an outlet for problematic PET film waste

Harris Tobias Case Study – Fats & Oils
Harris Tobias provide a positive route for fats and oils, with a range of options depending on the nature of the oils

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