Biowaste Processing Capacity – End-Of-2015 Update

Biowaste 2015


Since 2009, Link2Energy Ltd (“L2E”) has been tracking the rise of Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”) facilities which are licensed to handle Animal By-Products (“ABP”) and their capacity versus the related decline in the In-Vessel Composting (“IVC”) sector which seeks the same feedstock.

A snapshot of the AD / IVC sector up to the end of 2015 is presented here.

Key points:

  • In 2015, ten new AD facilities appeared on the Defra register relating to the processing of ABP (thus the information presented in the L2E reports does not include on-farm AD units which have a feedstock of, say, crop residues). The total additional capacity created by the commissioning of these sites amounts to over 350,000 tonnes. This is not to believe that this capacity is being utilised to its fullest extent – the likelihood is that many units (both AD and IVC) are running at levels lower than their headline capacity.
  • During the same timescale, six IVC sites ceased operating, although some simply switched their technology to AD by developing a biogas facility at the same postcode. Thus, the charts confirm an ongoing increase in AD and an associated decline in IVC. Overall, the processing capacity continues to rise in spite of the closure of some IVC units – thereby continuing to increase demand for feedstock when there is no sign that food waste availability is improving.


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