RDF – Port Activity Summary


RDF – Port Activity Summary


  • Although Refuse-Derived Fuel is exported from England from 30 ports from Avonmouth to Workington, almost 50% of the total export volume passes through the ports of Immingham, Felixstowe and Dover.
  • Immingham claims the highest share, handling one fifth of England’s RDF.  In fact, the Humber region is the leading port hub for RDF exports from England, with almost one third of the total exports passing through one of the Humber ports (Immingham, Hull, Grimsby, Killingholme or Gunness).
  • The Humber port complex is one of four key port hubs handling RDF material.  These hubs may be summarised as:

- Humber Ports (Immingham, Hull, Grimsby, Killingholme or Gunness)
- Suffolk Ports (Harwich, Felixstowe)
- London Ports (Purfleet, Barking, Tilbury, Gillingham / Chatham, Thamesport, Ridham)
- Kent Ports (Dover, Folkestone)

  • These four hubs handle 90% of England’s RDF exports, sending material to the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, France, Estonia and  Portugal.

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