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Link2Energy is a leading energy and environmental consultancy that delivers real business solutions and new opportunities. We are dedicated to improving the cost position of companies within the industrial sector through the efficient and sustainable use of resources. We provide a range of services and innovative solutions across all industrial and commercial business sectors that help respond to the many environmental challenges that we are faced with today.


Waste costs still represent a significant barnacle on the balance sheet of most companies. Disposal to landfill is prohibitively expensive, but many recycling routes are not much cheaper. In an age where technologies are changing rapidly and new methods are emerging in the marketplace such as gasification or pyrolysis, it is entirely sensible for companies to keep waste options under review.

  • Is there a better technology out there?
  • Is there a new facility in the vicinity?
  • Does my existing route meet my company’s environmental aspirations?
  • Do I actually know where my company’s waste is going at the moment?
  • Can I save money on my waste recycling?

Re:Sourcing UK is a service innovation from Link2Energy Ltd.

Through a rolling programme of interactive workshops and a monthly bulletin of resources, Re:Sourcing UK aims to work with participating companies and specialist recyclers to help keep valuable resources in the circular economy.

“Business improvements through creative thinking”

The environment and how business activities impact upon it has risen rapidly up the boardroom agenda in recent years. Link2Energy Ltd (L2E) has played an integral role in enabling businesses to maximise their energy and material use efficiency while minimising their impact on the environment.

A Leading Consultancy…..
L2E is a leading energy and environmental consultancy that is dedicated to improving the cost position of companies through the efficient and sustainable use of resources.

…with a commitment to make a difference…
Our products and services include:-

  • Delivers the Re:sourcing UK programme
  • Innovative and Added-Value solutions to ‘waste’ resources
  • Resource Mapping for material recycling projects
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Regional Regeneration Programmes
  • Carbon Reduction Initiatives
  • Collaborative, Funded Developments


…..using an innovative approach…
Integral to L2E’s success has been to remain at the forefront of the industry by developing innovative approaches. It has made significant strides in the development of bio-refinery processes, nutrient recycling as well as in material sustainability.

…by working in collaboration….
The company continues to work closely with a network of leading universities, providing a channel from the laboratory into the workplace. Taking research work through to development and beyond to implementation you’ll find L2E at the forefront of delivering business solutions.

…and prepared to think differently on behalf of its clients.
Link2Energy Ltd is prepared to take on challenging problems and is proud to deliver benefits to businesses under the banner of… ‘Business Improvements through Creative Thinking’.

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